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Group Creative Director/Writer     Valentin Suciu
                                Sr. Writer          Alex Aron: 
                                Art Director      Paramon Ditu
                                   Jr. Writer       Anca  Baciu
Jr. Art Director     Raluca Stroe
                               Account Mgr.      Irina Pencea
Account Dir.        Manuela Necula
Assistance by   Liviu David, Mihai Coliban, Siviu Padurariu , Ligia Calin, Razvan Angelescu, Shelly Roberts
CONNEX: Tu Faci Viitorul
                     You Make The Future
Persuading Romanians to take the next step in their future was no  piece-of-cake assignment. It was a matter of holding up the mirror in a series of teaser tvc's done masterfully by Vali Suciu, to show the internal hopes and dreams of the country. A sneak peek into the minds of fellow countrymen, to give Romanians the courage, first to voice their dreams, then, once expressed, to create them real.
The campaign started as a teaser with no Connex signature, but asked Romanians to go to an anonymous website to write their hopes and wishes. 6000 responded in the first two days. A huge response in a country of only 23 million.
Two weeks later, the Tu Faci Viitorul campaign was identified as coming from Connex, the largest Romanian telecom company, and one known for its patriotic, supportive stands.

The initial and followup tv was supported by a strong street presence, wildly divergent print, segmented and targeted to include a multitude of audiences, and anything else this brilliant creative-account-client team could come up with.